Case Studies

Class Readings – Blog Posting

The attached case studies present students’ thinking about the spoken and written number systems and the connections between them.

As you are reading, refer to the questions listed in the introductory text on page 44. Keep those questions and your reactions to them in mind as you respond to the following:

  1. Turn to Dawn’s case 11 and study Andrew. Why does it make sense to him to have “5 and 10” follow 59? What does he understand? What is he missing?
  2. In Danielle’s case 15, the children came up with many ways to write “one hundred ninety-five.” What sense do you see in each one?
  3. In Muriel’s case 14, the children talk about different kinds of zeros. Explain what they mean by this.
  4. Turn to Donna’s case 12. Use cubes or counters to do the bean-counting activity Donna describes. What mathematics is highlighted as you do this work?

You will need to record your responses to these questions on your blog prior to class on Wednesday.


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