NCTM Assessment Standards

The Equity Standard

This standard is ranked highest importance in my books. Having set expectations for students while recognizing their individual needs is vitally important in a successful learning environment. In order to earn respect, you must give it, therefore unique qualities, experiences and expertise of all students should be recognized.

 The Learning Standard

Second most important standard for assessment is the Learning Standard. As an educator one of your major responsibilities is to inform students about what content is important and what is valued by focusing your lesson plans on the models and methods for successful and complete comprehension. It is important to follow individual growth through assessment before moving forward in order to cater to students needs.

 The Openness Standard

Once a respectful and successful learning environment is established, it is important that the learners are set up with examples and explanations. Students must be aware of the expectations they have for their performance and should be able to demonstrate information they’ve obtained. Rather than focusing on the given answer, attention should be placed on the thinking processes used to solve problems.

 The Mathematics Standard

            Mathematics applies in day-to-day scenarios and is an inseparable part of our lives regardless of where we are or what we’re doing. I believe in order to create a meaningful and successful learning experience, the teacher should relate mathematical instruction and examples to real life. This will allow for a sense of importance and create higher interest for the learner. Following the NCTM and state or local standards as a guideline for lessons and assessments will ensure all essential concepts and processes are taught.

 The Inferences Standard

Although this standard ranks 5th out of 6, it holds great importance because it emphasizes the importance of a serious and honest reflection on what the learner knows. This is done through establishing a fair, non-bias rubric and multiple types of assessments.

 The Coherence Standard

The importance behind this standard aligns the student’s personal needs and the assessment needs. As an educator, we must ensure assessments align with both the objectives of your instruction and contents taught. The overall objective of an assessment is to track growth and areas of improvement for an individual.


Found in the link below are the NCTM Assessment Standards.

The NCTM Assessment Standards.pdf


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